As the Founder and Producer of the Menagerie Oddities Market, I consider Andrei a member of the Menagerie family and an integral part of our shows. He's contracted with us as a presenter of 19th and early 20th century "Quackery", Poisons and "Oddities" since 2022 educating and entertaining attendees with fascinating stories. 

He's always eager to assist others and has learned to meet the challenges and demands in this dynamic business. I count on his flexibility, professionalism, and engaging, enthusiastic spirit to add a little more magic and nostalgia to each show, offering something special our patrons won't find anywhere else.

Connstance Garcia

President/Show Producer


Andrei entertained a diverse crowd at our 2023 Dunsmuir Steampunk Festival. Old and young alike were fascinated with his presentations. Prior to speaking he would crack a bullwhip, capturing the audiences’ attention. 

He enchanted the audience with talks about Victorian era patent medicines and strange devices that promised curative powers. Andrei was not only very professional, but he was also flexible and a delight to work with.

Cindy Foreman
Dunsmuir Chamber Board Member
Steampunk Festival Chair

Our nonprofit, the Kennedy Mine Foundation, arranged for Andrei to do a public show at the Kennedy Mine, in Jackson, California in May of 2023.  The talk was entitled "Quackery and Cures - Used in Amador County from the 1850's to the early 1900's".

It was interesting and exciting, Andrei spoke about what the minors, prostitutes and bar patrons would have likely used from 1849 to 1942, the dates the mine was in operation.  The historic objects, combined with a compelling slideshow added to the experience.

The graphics and interaction with the attendees was appreciated and we intend to have him return to do another show in 2024. 

Andrei was passionate and very knowledgeable about the subjects. He engaged the audience throughout his presentation which made them feel included.  He is a true entertainer who loves what he does!!

Keith Davis
Kennedy Mine Foundation Board Member
Speaker Series Coordinator

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