List of Shows

60 Minute Shows

#1 Strange and Dangerous Medicines and Devices (one hour version) - Understanding Quackery, dangerous medicines and devices from the Victorian era to the early 20th century

#2 The Oddities Show  Discover facts about sideshow oddities, oddities museums and the amazing PT Barnum museums (mature audiences recommended)

#3 The Poisons and Cures Show

Find out how some of the poisons were used in the past and how "cures" were sold, making SHOCKING amounts of money for the purveyors, from hundreds of years ago to the 18th century and the early 20th century

#4 A Touch of Memento Mori (60 minute version)

Discover Memento Mori, from the 1700's to the fascinating use of living and deceased loved ones in beautiful jewelry and shadow boxes.  Other types of Memento Mori artifacts and jewelry will be shown.  Presentation will include places to seek items for your personal collection.   

30 Minute Shows

#1 Poisons, Cures and Fraud!

From unicorn horns and bleeding to radiation and drugged sodas, join Doctor R. Snick on a fascinating journey!

#2 Strange and Dangerous Medicines (30 minute version)
Discover strange and dangerous medicines that were used in the Victorian and Edwardian eras, especially PATENT medicine.  Learn about the dangerous medicines that existed before the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906!

#3 Freaks or Oddities? 

Join Doctor R. Snick as he introduces you to fascinating people who doctors of the past called “Monsters”. Doctor R. Snick presents a cast of historic people in American history over a hundred years ago.

#4 Jewelry of Death or Passion for Life and Deep Love?

Discover the meaning and evolution of Memento Mori, with a focus on Victorian jewelry using human hair and other materials.  Join Doctor R. Snick as he shares this deeply interesting subject.

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