Upcoming Events and Announcements

Clockwork Alchemy Convention
"Aetheric Ocean"

The annual large Steampunk convention of Northern California!

Dr. R. Snick Presentations on April 20, 21 (Note the convention runs from the 19th through the 21st)

Poisons and Cures - Saturday, 1030am - 12 in Synergy 1

The Thrills and Chills of the Old Medicine Shows and Patent Medicines - Saturday 6-7:30pm in Synergy 1

A Touch of Memento Mori - Sunday 1- 2:30pm in Synergy 1

San Mateo Marriott, California

"Strange and Dangerous Medicines of the Past"
at the Lodi Historical Society, Lodi, California

7 to 8 PM, May 22nd, at the Hutchens Street Square, 125 S Hutchins St. Lodi, California

It is recommended that you arrive a few minutes early to get a seat.

The event will be at the Holz Room, located to the right of the senior services center.

The 2nd Annual Preston Castle Oddities Show by the Menagerie Oddities Market

June 8th!

Preston Castle, Ione, California

Direct link to tickets, check out the video!

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